Screening Programmes




Cervical Screening

Women in Camden and Islington can access cervical screening services through either their GP practice or at one of the family planning clinics. 

Women aged 25 to 64 years of age are invited for screening, in compliance with national policy as introduced in October 2003:

  • Age 24 ½ : First invitation
  • Age 25 – 49 : Invitations 3 yearly
  • Age 50 – 64 : Invitations 5 yearly
  • 65+ : Only those not screened since age 50 or who have had recent abnormal tests

It is estimated that in England cervical screening now saves approximately 4,500 lives per year and prevents up to 3,900 cases of cervical cancer per year in the UK.

In 2012, HPV testing was rolled out in Camden as part of the developing cervical screening programme. Find out more.


Breast Screening

The Central & East London Breast Screening Service provides breast screening services for women in Camden (and other North London boroughs) who are over 50 years old.

Every three years, Camden resident women aged 50 to 70 are automatically invited to the breast screening service at Kentish Town Health Centre.

The programme will age extend in 2013 to include women aged 47 to 73.

Women that have missed an appointment can rebook at any time by calling 020 3758 2024  

There is also a website with lots of information, available in multiple formats and in different languages.


Bowel Cancer Screening

There is a national programme organised by NHS England for patients aged between 60 and 70 to screen for bowel cancer. You will be sent a kit in the post to screen for possible bowel cancer every 2 years. You follow the instructions and return the kit in the post in the package provided. Bowel cancer is a very treatable disease if caught early.

All the GP’s at the practice support the programme and urge you to take advantage of it. Many of our patients are already taking part and if you are hesitating we would encourage you to take part too or to speak to your GP.

See the Government website for further details

If you need to request a replacement kit, we do not keep any in the practice. Please ring 0800 707 6060.