School or Nursery Absence Following Common Childhood Illness

by Dr Ellie Cannon




We are often asked how long you need to keep your child off school when they are unwell.

We have made a list of the common childhood ailments and the recommended time off school.  These are just a guide based on national recommendations from Public Health England to protect others in the school or nursery.

These times assume that your child is feeling well enough to go to school: so they are really a minimum time off. If they are feeling unwell or suffering with a temperature, they should stay off school.

Illness Time off
Chickenpox Until all spots are have crusted over
Cold Sore None necessary
Hand, foot and mouth None necessary
Impetigo 48 hours after starting Antibiotics
Molluscum None necessary
Ringworm None necessary
Headlice None necessary
Roseola None necessary
Scarlet Fever 24 hours after starting Antibiotics
Slapped Cheek None necessary
Diarrhoea and Vomiting 48 hours after last episode of diarrhoea or vomiting
Flu Until recovered
Conjunctivitis None necessary
Glandular Fever None necessary
Threadworms None necessary
Tonsillitis None necessary