Wes Streeting visit to Abbey Medical Centre




On his first visit as Health and Social Care Secretary, Wes Streeting reiterated his commitment to bring back the family doctor


He visited Abbey Medical Centre with the head of the NHS and spoke to staff and patients to hear their views. We were very proud to host him at our wonderful GP surgery, where he met the team and patients and heard about the successes and the challenges.

It is a great boost to the Abbey Medical Centre team to be chosen as the first NHS appointment for the new Health Secretary on his first day of ministerial visits!

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The Department of Health said: 

The Abbey Medical Centre is a sector leader in providing patients with a personal service and emphasising continuity of care – both key pillars of the government’s mission to reform NHS primary care.

The centre is also a teaching and research practice that trains medical students and specialist trainees in general practice – complimenting the government’s aims to train thousands more GPs.


Published: Jul 9, 2024