Chronic Disease Clinics

All of the GPs at the Abbey Medical Centre are trained in the management of chronic diseases (such as Diabetes, Chronic Kidney Disease, COPD, Ischaemic Heart Disease, Heart Failure, Liver Disease) and if you are a patient with any of these conditions you will be asked to attend for regular check ups.

Friday Morning Clinic

Dr Sohrabe has specialized training in Diabetes and runs a specific chronic disease clinic on Friday mornings for more complex cases.

Monthly Diabetic Clinic

The Camden Community Diabetes Service runs a clinic on the first Thursday of each month. The clinic sees patients from the Abbey Medical Centre and nearby GP practices. Patients are referred by their GP.

The team consists of a Consultant Endocrinologist from the Royal Free Hospital (Dr Mark Vanderpump), a Diabetic Dietitian (Ms Indi Nathan), a Podiatrist (Ms Christine Warner), a Diabetes Specialist Nurse (Mr Mani Basi).