Practice Alcohol Worker

If you are concerned that your drinking might be affecting your health and you would like advice and support to cut down, you can book an appointment with one of our GPs or book an appointment directly with our Alcohol Worker who runs clinics on a weekly basis at the Abbey Medical Centre.

Camden Alcohol Service

You can also refer yourself to the Camden Alcohol Service (CAS).  At CAS, you can meet with experienced alcohol workers who can offer support and advice. Receive an assessment of your needs and explore the impact that alcohol may be having on your life. Get support to achieve a better way forward. Discuss the issues around alcohol use that may be causing you problems. Provide an assessment of your needs along with a care plan of action.

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Camden Alcohol Service, 7-8 Early Mews, Arlington Road, Camden Town, London, NW1 7HG

Phone number: 020 3227 4950

Online Support

Down Your Drink

An interactive website with advice and information, including a 6-week computerised course to help cut back drinking.


For general advice and information if you are worried that you are drinking too much.